9 Lessons Learned: Health

Don’t Let Things Hinder You From Being Healthy

It is important to stay healthy no matter how hectic your schedule is because everything is useless if you end up just getting sick at the end of the day. Eating a healthy diet is essential in controlling weight and preventing or managing chronic conditions. For many people, eating a healthy diet means time, money and effort invested in planning daily menu, preparing meals, shopping and comparing products and reading labels. The most common things that hinder people eating a healthy diet include lack of time, the need to change established eating habits, too much information and the costs.

It is really hard to change established eating habits because eating behaviors are rooted ever since childhood, and for many of us, it serves as a medium to socialize with other people, with a variety of foods associated with positive emotions as well as negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and boredom. Experts recommend keeping a food journal of the food you eat is helpful in creating an effective healthy diet plan. Thought patterns must be changed so that awareness and focus are increased like just getting enough food, not wasting food, prevent eating when performing other tasks, not to feel pressured to eat by your family or friends, and prevent associating eating with comfort. A busy lifestyle and eating on the go can lead to unhealthy food choices, and grabbing whatever is accessible and available whenever you have time can definitely lead to bad eating behaviors.

It is important to go through your refrigerator and cabinets to get rid of all junk food and replace them with healthier options such as buying vegetables and meats that are already cut to help in reducing your preparation time. In groceries and supermarkets, you will find canned vegetables and fruits canned in their own juice or water without added salt or sugar. Since light, heat, and air can all rob the nutrients from fruits and vegetables, it is best to purchase canned or frozen fresh fruits and vegetables which are immediately packed after harvest because they contain more nutrients than fresh foods that have been shipped. If you are really busy and just want to stay at home and relax on your free time, then you can just take advantage of online shopping offered by some grocery store so your food can be delivered next to your door, saving you a trip to the store.

On the internet, magazines and the news, you’ll find a lot of overwhelming information about what healthy eating habits entail, and about diet plans claiming to help obese or overweight lose weight faster. But the fact is that Americans eat too much unhealthy fats, calories, salt, sugar and refined grains, and mostly do not get sufficient amounts of fiber, potassium, calcium, healthy fats and vitamin D. There are also some people worried about their stomach and bowel problems associated with change of diet, but there are over the counter IBS medication to help in treating any symptoms that may hold you back.

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